3 Best Places To Buy Quality Cheap Traffic


Having a website without traffic is just like having phone without battery. traffic is simply visitor or reader=> if it is blog. after you publish you post or if you have a static website after you launch you web service. your web needs customers or visitors right.. so if it is a new it won't be easy to get more traffic and you may want to advertise your website so this content is here to tell you best cheap places to advertise your website in 2018. 

1. Native Ads

When we mention about blog or content ad.native ads should be in the top place. native ad  are an advertisements that put on different websites and advertise relevant contents on monetized site. basically natives ads are designed to work with blogs. this types of ads cost you b/n 0.03$ up-to 2$ per traffic/click depending on country,device & user type.

Best native ads for advertisers

1. Revcontent 
2. Google Native Ads
3. Taboola
4. Adnow (recommended for small sites & blogs) Best ad networks for publishers

2. Yahoo Search Engine Ads 

If you want to advertise service,affiliate or related websites i recommend you to use yahoo ads. to do this first create best looking page and go to yahoo ads & create account then add fund & choose best keyword&countries and link your site. it's super cheap as compared as to adwords. it costs you depending on the keyword you choose. but believe me it's profitable

3. URL Shortners 

Url shorteners are also ads but little bit different from the above's it works like this after you have created an advertisers & add funds. you will add your web address that you want to advertise. and you will start getting thousands of legit traffic to your website within an hour. one of the best thing about this ads is it is too cheap as compared as to any ads it works on cpm basis you pay maximum 4$ for 1000 visitors. you may confuse that how they get traffic to my website. here is how. this types of companies have link sharers we call them and they short specific website or blog url and share it on social sites and on their site. then when interested users clicks it it advertise's you site for 5 seconds before redirecting the user to the original page if you have awesome article or best website users stay on your website

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