5 Tips to Become a Better Web Developer


I Know how it feels when someone becomes fresh to coding or programming but it's not permanent if you consistently stay on studying for 6 months you will find some changes like you start thinking in a programmatic way,your view on software products will not become the same as others. here are my best steps for becoming a better web developer

1. Become Specific 

Am saying this because of my experience when you become newbie for coding you seems like programmer is a person with language staffs. but programming is not all about. to become a better web developer you need to become more specific. when i started the journey of programming i just queue the programming languages to learn step by step all of them. but that was wrong i suggest you to decide in what field programming you want to master in you can be both web,software database & system developer but you cannot master in all of them. to become the best programmer you need to become specific and you need to study & work on specific topics then you will become as you wish. 

2. Learn HTML & CSS

Yeah this languages are the backbone of every websites. to become web developer this are the required fields that you need to get concrete & reasonable knowledge of this 2 mark up languages. to learn both of this languages properly it may take up to 2 months if you are ultimate beginner. 

3. Learn Javascript

After you learn HTML & CSS this should be the next language you need to learn i don't know if you know but html & css can only display visuals like form fields,link texts and e.t.c.. but js makes those visuals interactive, js is one of the most popular languages to make websites interactive and enabled by default in all modern browsers. to learn javascript it might take 7 upto  8 month if you have no any coding experience but if you have experience it won't take over 6 month.

4. Understand Browser,Caching,Cookie,CMS and Networking 

These are the basic part as you working on web it is * to know the above things clearly 

5. Understand Hosting,Domain system and SEO

After you become good in above things you need to master in this things. to visualize what you learn it is highly recommended to learn hosting,dns and seo which means how to beat you competitors on search engines results and this help you to get more users into your website. 

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