5 Favorite Books of Famous Billionaires


Great persons,incredible guys and legendary peoples always recommend books for us to read.. yeah in 21 century world civilized like never before.. and as self made billionaires their are hundreds of billionaires right now.. and am sure all of them should have favorite books.. that learn them better education in life so this content is here to tell you most famous billionaires favorite books that recommend everybody to read it.

1. Capitalism Without Capital (Billgates Favorite Book)

The book was authored by jonathan haskel & Stian westlake and originally published in 2017. this book is the number 1 favorite book of william henry gates.. shortly the book is about intangible assets like softwares,branding,designing and e.t.c..

2. The Intelligent Investor (Warren Buffet's Favorite Book)

Buffet once said i recommend everyone to read the intelligent investor for every one who has a goal to become rich. and the books originally published on 1949 by benjamin graham

3. The Seat of The Soul (Oprah Winfrey's Favorite Book)

Oprah said this is my favorite book that everybody who want's to become legendary have to read. the book comes with total 104 pages and authored by gary zukav

4. The Virgin Way (Richard Branson's Favorite Book)

Co founder of virgin records favorite book little unique than the previous which he recommend his own book.. obviously the book is really amazing and most buyers also prove that.. the books comes with total pages of 352 pages and published on 2014.

5. Successful Habit's Of  Visionary Companies (Jeff Bezo's Favorite Book)

Even i recommend you to read this awesome book if your vision is to create legendary company like microsoft,google,facebook e.t.c. the book was authored by jim collins , jerry i. porras and published on 2011

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