How to Unblock Domain in Facebook

I Remember when facebook block my blog url for the first time, i seems that facebook blocked my domain without reason as you thinking on, but that is not true i can tell you why because someone reported your content as spam on facebook or if you use blogger platform and if you have another adult blog on.. you get your link banned on facebook and many another reasons for blocking your domain.
Before we learning about how to unban banned url on facebook let's talk about what types of websites blocked on facebook:- websites that includes pornography,drug,crime and e.t.c. get your domain restricted on facebook in other word you cannot share your website again on facebook but it doesn't mean ever find out how on bottom.

How to unblock blocked domain on facebook

1,At first make sure your website is not comply with facebook terms & policies
2,Don't try to post your banned url 
After you proved your website doesn't comply with facebook go to share debugger  a place where webmasters fix their site problem and create facebook for developers account first to access this tool after you have created developer account, go to share debugger and debug or crawl you site with facebook bot.. at this time if facebook blocked your domain "We can't review this site" or " Doesn't goes with our terms of service" we'll be appeared.. now facebook bot will crawl blocked website to ensure the website doesn't comply with facebook terms and unblock it within a weeks automatically.. If the above way doesn't work for you contact facebook help center to unblock your domain and they will unblock it Good luck!!

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