How to Make Freenom Domain Work, Without www

Are you beginner for blogging and you come to freenom to get & set up custom domain to your blog for free like (.ml,tk,gq and .ga custom domains)  before am telling you how to setup your domain let me say something you about freenom and how to create domain name for free on it...

Make Freenom Domain Work Without www

freenom is a one of the most popular domain hosting company founded in 2012
thousands of domains are hosted on freenom for free, but hosting is available for limited time which means freenom gives you 12 months domain hosting in free.. and you can use this free domain for your blog or website in any niche including adult..

    Let's see how to create & configure domain on freenom

And you will get white background input box that say "FIND a New FREE Domain", and enter your domain name without http/https and .com/net extensions then you will get your results in .tk,ga,ml and gq extensions finally choose one of domain extension that you have liked & click on Get it now! if it is not token previously..

registering domain on freenom

  • Create account & register your free domain

After you have checkout your new domain and select for how many period you want to register your domain, i recommended you to register your domain for 12 months.. then freenom will asks you to enter your email for verification after you add that you will get an email that contain verification link then click on and enter you personal info like company name,country,address,zip code and phone number or you can use if not want to fill your personal information. 
after that check on i have read & agree to terms & conditions, click on Complete Order
and get in to your client area.  congratulation you have registered you domain successfully!
How to become professional Blogger
  • Go to your domain
After your domain fully activated click on Services on the client area then tab on My Domains from coming drop downs next on, you will get your domain list and click on Manage Domain to one of your domains that you want to setup. 

NOTE : your domain may take up to 48 hours to activate
  • Get in to freenom Dns and add A records to your domain
    After you are in to Manage Domains click on manage freenom dns tab next add this records to your dns....
    adding A record to freenom dns
    Add your domain name without www to name tab, then choose the record type to A enter to target tab after that click on more records.. name & type input fields are same.. but as you see on the picture the target part has little changes. after you have added the 4 A records successfully your domain will start working with & without www.. you can refer the target part from image..


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