Blogger Features Every Blogger Should Customize is one of the most popular and non profit blog provider owned by google.
almost every blog starter begins blogging here. because it provides you customizable site
with free sub-domain called blogspot .com. one of the best thing about blogger is
it enables you, to make money from your blog by just putting ads on it.

Many peoples also doing it including me, when i was beginner for blogging i just come to
blogger and my first domain was it helps me to know deep about blogging and earn money from my blog, so personally i love blogspot.

And today am going to show you, beauty blogspot features that you must customize to make you blogger blog professional and look better. if your blogging platform is blogspot or if you would like to start blog  make sure you read this post until end!

Blogger Features You Have To Customize

10 Blogger Features That Every Blogger Should Customize

1, How To Add Favi Icon To Blogger Blog

Blogger favicon
This is the first step to start customizing you blog, what is that favicon
favicon or website icon is a png picture that can be logo or something picture that describes your blog..  Most blogspot bloggers doesn't customize blogger default favicon so you have to change this..
First create logo in png format that is 16*16  height and width this is the recommended favicon sizes..
  • then go to blogger layout
  • at the top you will find Favicon 
  • then hit edit button
  • small pop up window will be shown that say "choose file" click it and upload the favicon

How to add favicon to blogger

2, How To Add Widgets To Blogger - Without Add Widget Button

Widget is a way to add some features to our blog like html codes or scripts,links and another useful things for our blog without writing code.. and one of the cons of blogger is, it limit us....                    to add widgets to our blog for example we can't add gadget to page-body widget. but i can, because i just set up simple thing on it.. follow this simple step to enable it also on yours!!

Bloger page body widget enabled

  • First Go to blogger theme section
  • click on edit html 
  • step 3 press Crtl button first, then F button, after you leave Crtl button fastly. then search box will appeared after that enter this code "<b:section" then you will get code that looks like the bottom.
<b:section class='main' id='page_body' name='Page Body' showaddelement='true'>
<b:widget id='HTML2' locked='false' title='' type='HTML' visible='true'>

  • finally change locked='true' attribution to locked='false'
  • and go back to layout then check page body, you can add widgets to page body now!

3, How To Remove Powered By Blogger - attribution 

This attribution is official blogger attribution putted for copyright.. but this thing may look our
blog unprofessional or some thing that you blogger dislike.. so do you want to remove it from your blog follow this simple steps..

  • Goto blogger theme
  • Hit edit HTML button
  • Click on attribution dropdown
  • then remove code that has this code
<b:section class='footer' id='footer' name='Footer' showaddelement='false' tag='footer'>
       <b:widget id='Attribution1' locked='true' title='' type='Attribution' visible='true'>
            <b:widget-setting name='copyright'/>
          <b:includable id='main' var='this'>
  <div class='widget-content'>
    <div class='blogger'>
      <a expr:href='data:bloggerUrl'>
        <b:include name='flatBloggerIcon'/>
        <b:message name='messages.poweredByBlogger'/>

    <b:if cond='data:imageAuthor'>

      <div class='image-attribution'>
        <b:if cond='data:imageAuthor.url'>
          <b:message name='messages.templateImagesByLink'>
            <b:param expr:value='data:imageAuthor.url'/>
            <b:param expr:value=''/>
          <b:message name='messages.templateImagesBy'>
            <b:param expr:value=''/>

    <b:if cond='data:copyright != &quot;&quot;'>

      <div class='copyright'><data:copyright/></div>
  <b:widget id='

  • Then save the theme & enjoy
Blogger has many themes so this method may not work for all blogger themes so watch this video to know how to remove "powered by blogger" works every blogger theme.

4, How To Create Sitemap For Blogger Online

Creating sitemap it's may not be simple if you are not familiar with html or xml, as all of us know
sitemap is essential for search engines, it makes everything simple for them, sitemap is simply model of a website's content designed to help both users and search engines navigate the site. site map can be a hierarchical list of pages (with links) organized by topic, an organization chart, or an XML document that provides instructions to search engine crawl bots. 
And also we must update our sitemap each time when we publish new article. so i will show you simple way to create sitemap for your blogger blog without writing something. to do that follow this simple steps
  • Go to create sitemap for blogger
  • After you open the above site you will get input box then enter your site url
  • then click on Generate Sitemap button
  • Then you will get url like on the bottom


  • boom you have successfully created sitemap for your blog & now you can submit it on google webmaster tools or to another bots..

5, How To Edit Blogger Layout

Before i am tell you about how to change layout of your blog let me tell you some, about what is layout...
layout is the way in which text or pictures are set out on a page, basically this feature is essential
for how we place our ads. most of themes that available for blogger are not ad ready means it's limited for customization but still blogger provides as a way to ultimately customize our blog layout
  • First Go to theme section on blogger
  • 2nd click on customize button
  • You will get Blogger Theme Design 
  • From the list click on layout, that controls the main structure and looking of your blog
  • then choose layout you want to apply to your blog..
Blogger Layout
The main advantage of editing our blog layout is helps us to put our ads like a pro.. 
we may can't place ads in both right & left sidebars,footer and navbar of our blog but after we edit our layout we can.
all blogger themes may not have this option like Emporio themes.. 

6, How To Put Ads Between Posts In Blogger 

Most blogspot bloggers face this problem especially when they were beginner to it..
this thing will face you if you are beginner.. so read carefully to find out how to fix
you may not get approved by adsense or you may get adsense approval in another blog that is not
linked with blogger. so you can't show ads between posts on your blog.  so to know how to place
adsense or another ad network ads on your blog-posts follow this simple step..

  • First Go to posts and click on New Post If you want to add the ad to new post or click edit if you want to place ad to already published article.
  • after you get in to post panel click shift from Compose to HTML tab
  • then place different ad codes on top and in some parts of you article then the ads start showing between your post....

7, How To Install Custom Template/Themes On Blogger

This is the main thing that most blogspot bloggers do, after they stay some time with native blogspot themes you may want to shift to custom blogger themes like Optima theme..
Follow this simple steps apply custom themes to your blog
  • first Go to theme section on blogger
  • at the top of left side you get BackUp/Restore Button and click it
  • Then box will be shown that has choose file tab to and it will access you file  then select the theme/template 
  • finally after you select the theme from your file upload & your theme will automatically applied
Before you upload themes your blog make sure you extract it else you can't upload and the file type must be .xml else it's unsupported by blogger.

8, How To Add Custom Domains To Blogger 

After your making some cashes from blogspot domain.. you may think to buy TLD domain like .com
so let's checkout how to add custom domain to blogger blog.. 
  • first Go to settings on blogger then click on basic 
  • under publishing header you will get your blogspot domain
  • Click on set up 3rd party url for your blog and enter your custom domain with www
  • finally blogger ask you to verify the domain by adding CNAME records to your domain hosting dns
add cname records to your dns
  • after you have verified your domain click on save button.

9, How To Delete Our Blog and Backup Our Posts On Blogger

When we are beginner for blogging we delete and again create a blog and back of it, i was write amazing article previously and now it has been removed when i delete my blog..
am sure many of us made this mistake so follow this simple steps to delete our blog without loosing our contents.. to do that:-
  • Go to the setting on blogger and click on other 
  • then you will get headline Import & Backup content
  • if we click backup content button small window will be appeared then click on save to your computer button when you do this the whole contents,pages and comments will be backup
  • or when you click import content you will access you device files after you submit google captcha add the .xml file that you previously backup and whole contents will be restored.

10, How To Insert Adsense or Another Ad Code In Blogger

This is the critikal place to add ad codes simply to you blog. to do that
  • Go to layout on blogger
  • Select in which area of your blog, you want to place the ad like. footer and sidebar
  • Then click on add widget, small window will be open then choose HTML&Javscript gadget 
  • after that add you text liek Advertisement on the above small input box and your ad code on the bottom box


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