What is Blog

Hello Dear Money251 Readers Today We Will Gonna Talk About What is Blog & Blogging


Blog is a website owned by individual or group of bloggers and they publish articles
on specific niches for example in tech,politics,lifestyle and e.t.c..

How To Start Blog

Want to start blog just read this steps carefully and start blogging now!
Before You Start Blog You Must Have Knowledge About specific niches.
if you have that create blogger account on one of this blogging paltforms like  Blogger,Wix,Wordpress or Medium 
But If You Are Beginner I Suggest You To Start Blog on Blogger.
Blogger Provides You free domain name with simple publisher panel.
and also makes you to earn money from your blog without buying any service.

Want To Learn More About Blogging Watch This Video..

But Don't forget to buy Top Level Domain Or Click Here To Learn How to get TLD Domain for free Get TLD Domain for free
Because TLD Domain Makes You To Look More Professional and also Subdomains May Get Banned You From Social Media and you can't Share Your Blog posts on social sites like Facebook.com and this can affect your traffic...

Let Me Tell You Some About Blogger

Blogger start providing blog before of 2000 and now many blogs runs in this
non-profit bloging platform. at this time blogger owned by Google. 

Best things about Blogger:

* Security Blogger Gives You Reliable Security for your blog

so you don't worry about your blog security.

* Simplicity Blogger Provides You Easy Publisher Control Panel
With real Time statics and enables you to put ads for free.
this feature is best for new comers.

Worst Things About Blogger:

* Blogger May Shut Your Blog At Any Time So Your Data May

Get Dive Into 0;

* Poor Plugins and themes
* Some of its themes are not ad ready
* You Can't Monetize Your Traffic with video ads..


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