How To Become Best Blogger

When i start a blog it was for only make money in blogging. but this was the biggest mistake that i have made when i was beginner for blogging, i writing up this content for new bloggers to learn from my mistakes that i made before. In this article i will show you how to be blogger and make money from your blog.

How to start a blog and make money

We hear when bloggers saying adsense paid me 1000$ in last month, i earn 30$ daily from my blog and another admiring things for blog starters!! Not only you when i was beginner i feel like you but the mistake that most blog starters made is they spend much obsessing how they make money from there blog, than building audience and customers to there blog... Google Adsense Review With Approval Trick

if you want to make real money.. leave obsessing about how to make money and start thinking about how can you build audiences and readers to your blog when you do that you will start making money. you may think to buy traffic and exchange click or self click that makes you to earn good money. that's good but i know this way and i spend most time on it..  it is ridiculous & it just like cheating. one day you will loose your adsense or whatever ad account you have no matter how you mastering in clicking ads safely.. so in the bottom article i wrote 4 easy steps that helps you to know how you can build your audiences and how to get organic traffic to your site...

Actions To Become True Blogger & Make Real Money From Your Blog

1,  Focus on specific niches /topic 
Blogging starts from choosing right niche for your blog i suggest you to follow your heart
don't ask peoples to select you topic, follow your passion. write about what you passionate. for example:- i choose technology and blogging this two things can go together.
you can go with 3 indirectly related niches on your blog..... like i did technology,blogging and monetization         

2,  Read another blogs related to your niches
Blogger means it's not only writer it also genuine reader if you are not, you have to start today
because blogging is shortly providing interesting and informative content for customers/readers. to do that you must be updated and well organized.. so reading other blogs whether it is beginner or senior 
it helps you to learn new things.. so with no doubt your will create catchy content...

3, Know How to Create and Write Relevant Content
After you have the above 2 things you must have to know how you can write relevant or useful content for your audiences related to your niche.. before that find something trending it can be faq,step by step guide or some thing that peoples want's to know/read. then wrote it well!

4, Optimize your blog & blog posts for seo
Here is the key thing after you create amazing content on something people ask or want to
know.. your article must be visible for those peoples.. and the most convenient way to get
those peoples is search-engines like google&yahoo at this time almost everybody asks questions to search-engines than his met LIKE:- how to make money,how to kiss a girl and many's...  

google receives from 600billion upto 1trillion searches per month.. from this trillions searches... many peoples may ask about content that you have written.. this is the main thing. when you optimize your content for seo.. peoples will find your post on search engines when they search somethings related to your article.. just if you got 20% of it from coming peoples boom you will serve thousands of organic traffic to your site with awesome bounce rate!! at this time you will make money,you got  real clicks and conversation.... so focus on seo

4, Start Making Money
Everything is just for the money => you learn for money,you work for money , you do many-things for money.. and you will do the above things to earn money.
everything will tiered if  it didn't get you reward..  but don't worry this way has reward more
than you realize. let sneak it.. Google Adsense Alternatives For Bloggers 

after you have successfully circle your blog with the above things apply to Adsense or another ad network and wait until you get there approval.. after you get approved create ad units that fit with your blog layout then place them.. on each page after that the ad company will pay you depending on the commission they pay for example cpc or cpm means per click or view..

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