Google Adsense Review For Publisher With Approval Tricks


      What is adsense & how it works

Google Adsense is an Contextual advertising program run by google started since jun-8-2003 this platform enables advertisers to advertise their service & goods on publishers & webmasters site,youtube-channels and also on  mobile apps. this increase there popularity and leads of an advertisers... 10 Google Adsense alternatives

Adsense pays to its publishers on cpc basis mean an advertiser pays for publisher for every valid clicks.    WANT TO KNOW MORE ABOUT INTERNET MARKETING COMMISON CLICK HERE..

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        Adsense Review For Publishers

Adsense is the number #1 advertising program in the world working with adsense is not

simple as compared as other ad networks.. Adsense has strict rule before of approving any website/blog usually adsense takes 2 up to 4 days to approve or disapprove any website...


Schedule : net/30

Methods : Wire,Western-Union & EFT More info here
Minimum payout : 100$


* Unsupported Languages Check here if your blog language supported by adsense

* Adult related content. adult contents prohibited by adsense
* Video Sites.. adsense works with sites with sufficient texts..
* Copyrighted Posts & Images.. if you just copy - paste another blog-posts and
if you use image downloaded from search engine. go back to and remove it.
Want to make your own images?? click here REDIRECT ME!

Approval Trick

Some easy tricks to get approved by adsense..

* Make sure you have used simple & nice looking theme, if you use blogger i suggest you
to use native blogspot theme.. Best Blogspot themes that aggressive to get approved by adsense :-      Emporio.

*Sufficient Content Before applying for adsense make sure you have posted 25+ well written contents

  Include About,Contact-us and Privacy Policy, Create suitable privacy Policy page for your page


  Want to know more about how you can look more professional your blog & also learn
how to write content well.. click here 

  Finally Apply for adsense&enjoy!!


Ad units 

Infeed-ads /native ads
in-article / native ads
responsive banner ads

How to place adsense ads on you site like a pro... Watch video............


Earning Report

Adsense Provides Real-time report for earning but this is not mean adsense shows realtime clicks and 
impressions. Most of time adsense pays 0.15$ average per click...

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